Tuesday, January 11, 2005

article: The Rise of a New News Network By Om Malik, January 04, 2005 Business 2.0

The traditional news media is going to need to reposition itself.  Yes, I’m a Luddite, but I couldn’t live without a daily fix of the NYTimes.  I also can’t see bloggers doing real in depth analysis or covering well events that span time e.g. global warming, invasive non-native plant threats to the environment, etc. 


It seems to me the Social Network Analysis (not the social networking websites, those are just implementations) could be invaluable in vetting the information that is created by individuals.  There has to be some kind of verification as anyone, anywhere can report anything.






The Rise of a New News Network
By Om Malik,  January 04, 2005


The 1990s proved to be the decade when cable news networks replaced network television as the primary source of breaking news for many Americans, just as the 1960s saw newspapers supplanted. In the new millennium, a broadband-enabled, always-on Internet threatens to usurp those cable news networks.


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