Thursday, May 06, 2004

ProfGuilds/ResumeBlog Presentations

We presented yesterday (5/5/04) at the Silicon Valley Product Management Association monthly meeting on the topic of Career Management in the era of globalization (this link goes to the current event, at some point our event will be moved to the archive so if this link does not describe our event, look in the event archive).

Our presentations are in the ResumeBlog blog. One is my presentation on Professional Guilds and Career Management, the other is Sachin Gangupantula's presentation specifically about the ResumeBlog. Heather Hamilton, the Microsoft Sr. Talent Scout, gave a presentation but rather than posting her presentation she will make comments in her blog.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

BOB - the Big Orange Bee

This is completely unrelated to "work" but...

My relationship with BOB (the Big Orange Bee) is written up in an article on the front page of Saturday May 1, 2004 San Francisco Chronicle Home and Garden section and includes a photo I took of him.
Uncovering the secret life of a blond bee, by Ron Sullivan

BOB is a male Valley Carpenter Bee.

On the webpage, click on the photo to get a larger version, or go here: my photo of BOB

Another photo of BOB that I took.

That’s all the non-blurry photos I’ve been able to take. He never alights.

My plant list is here if you are interested:

My gardener is Jeffrey Caldwell.