Saturday, February 22, 2003

I'm just starting my blog today, February 22, 2003. I've been using egroups extensively and expect that I will be doing more blogging than egroup publishing from now own. Here's some basic info about me:

My biography.

My websites: Software Product Marketing (SPM) eGroup and Typaldos Consulting.

My egroup on webcommunities/webcollaboration/social networking software.

My interests are web collaboration and communities, social networking software, software marketing, and "open organizations" [similar to "open source software"]. At SPM eGroup we are attempting to create an "open organization".

I just finished taking a fabulous 5 evening course at Stanford called "The Science of Networks" [Note...this link may break when Stanford moves on to the next semester's catalog.] The instructors, Stuart Gannes {Director, Reuters DigitalVision Fellowship Program, Stanford] and J. Christopher Ramming [Lecturer in Continuing Studies, Stanford] were outstanding. The reader for the class was excellent...I"ll see if I can get a Table of Contents to post here. The recommended book was Nexus: Small Worlds and the Groundbreaking Science of Networks, but I had already read a similar, but somewhat more technical (according to the instructors) book called Linked: The New Science of Networks, so I didn't read Nexus. There is a private egroup for the class members so that we can continue our dialogue. A second version of the class may be offered in the Fall of 2003.

I plan to blog mainly about my career interests and the day-to-day challenges, operations, and successes in running the SPM eGroup.

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