Saturday, July 05, 2003

I posted this to the SOCNET list:

Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2003 2:50 PM
Subject: more on Networking as a Business

Several of us gathered up a list of all the the sites/software that are attempting to commercialize on networking. I thought the rest of you might also be interested in the list. No doubt there is already one, or more likely, many lists of these sites/sw in someone's blog. It's hard to do anything original anymore :-)

List generated by input from Doug Rush, Sean Murphy, Debi Jones and myself. I will also post this on my blog


the one that is being done at Stanford but I can't remember the name (contact update sw, but headed in the same direction) (contact update sw, but headed in the same direction) (contact update sw, but headed in the same direction)

I am planning on launching a site myself as soon as I have some seed funding. It would be quite different than the existing sites/software in that it uses networking as a tool to accomplish a purpose, rather than just being a networking tool all by its lonesome. Some of these sites are the equivalent of trying to turn a communication tool into a purpose, which is the equivalent of having a network built around the phone system. The phone is a tool for all kinds of purposeful activities, but not a goal in and of itself.

On my website I have a presentation on "The Future of Professional Guilds" and I welcome any feedback. Also, there are a few slides which compare many of the sites/software listed below against each other and against my "12 Principles of Civilization"

"The Future of Professional Guilds" presentation can be found by going to this webpage and selecting it from the table:
or by going directly to
The presentation.

The slides that do the comparisons are slides 37-40.

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