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Hi Cynthia,

Lots of conflicting stats out there. :-)

The conventional wisdom is that only 10%-20% of jobs are advertised anywhere (so old fashioned networking works well).

I haven't seen the breakdown between conventional vs. online postings, but ran across some interesting "factoids" for something I was working on.

The SHRM (Soc. for HR Mgmt.) claims 80% of HR pros use the Internet for job postings and to find candidates.

DBM claims only 6% of hires for mgmt-level jobs occur through any Internet sites (as opposed to 61% through networking).

Only 4% of US job seekers found employment from a site (Bernard Haldane, 1/03).

More hires are made through corporate web sites than through the major job boards. (CareerXRoads) Niche sites are effective.

Online help-wanted advertising is growing (from 15.1% of the entire US classified market in 2001 to 19.5% in
2005) (Morgan Stanley, Forrester - 11/02).

Hope that helps a little, Cynthia. I enjoy reading your posts and wish you every continued success with your business.


Marty Silberstein
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--- Cynthia Typaldos wrote:

> I'd like to have a semi-reputable % of the number of jobs that are posted compared to the total number of jobs open.

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