Wednesday, October 08, 2003

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Importance of Search Box in ResumeBlog Blogroll

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I'm just realizing how important the search box is (and the member links too) in the column on the right. The more ResumeBloggers we have the more likely it is that a hiring mgr/recruiter etc. will find one of our ResumeBlogs in a general search. But there is a LOT of stuff out there, so doing another general search with slightly different terms might not even get near a ResumeBlogger. However, once the googler finds the search box, s/he is now searching ONLY within our membership.

So, contradicting common sense, having more ResumeBloggers increases the probability that an individual ResumeBlogger is likely to be found. Another factor that rolls into this is millions (maybe billions?) or searches are made, anytime one of those connects the googler with a ResumeBlog, there is the possibility that s/he will abandon the general search and do the specific search.

I'm sure there is a mathematical algorithm here that would show at which number of members is optimum. However the algorithm would have to take into account the total number of pages on the internet that would show up as being relevant. Since that number is extremely high for almost any relatively general search, I suspect that the number of ResumeBloggers (in an industry/function) could be very, very high, maybe even include everyone in that industry/function.

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