Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Ohmynews - citizen journalism in South Korea

From paidcontent.org


--  Ohmynews Profits from Citizen Journalism :Ohmynews, the South Korean citizen's media site, is bringing in almost $500,000 a month in advertising and makes a monthly profit of about $27,000, Asia Times Online reports. (Via EditorsWeblog )The site, which broke even last year, has a full-time staff of 53, including 38 professional reporters and editors, and more than 43,000 citizen journalists paid for their contribitions. Roughly 80 percent of the content is citizen produced.

Against a backdrop on media reform in South Korea, the lengthy article explores the site's reasons for success, including the country's overwhelming adoption of the Internet as a primary source for news and its emphasis on interaction. [Nov.29: Link] | Broadband | [by staci]



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