Friday, December 31, 2004

2004 Social Media - Best and Worst

I thought it might be interesting if people posted their thoughts on the best and worst of social media (online communities, social software, social networking, etc.) for 2004.  Kind of like the best and worst movie lists.


Feel free to push your own site/stuff but just be explicit when you are doing so.


Here’s my off-the-top-of-my-head list (but remember, my nickname is “Cynthia the Social Networking Luddite”).




Dogster’s Listmania: the best way to find what you really want even when you don’t know what it is by great newsletter/blog about the content industry

The Social Software Weblog by Judith Meskill

All of Robin Good’s stuff (MasterNewMedia)

Dogs that Blog and the dog blogroll there are now 6 dogs in the dog blogroll (which I maintain), 3 of which are written from the dog’s point of you.  Yes, laugh all you like, but a major newspaper will soon be publishing a story on blogging pets.  This could be the hot social networking topic of 2005




Social Networking website business models (are there any?)

BzzAgent (NYTimes article)

Too many social networking sites


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