Wednesday, October 20, 2004

WSJ to open up all online content? (for a week....)

WSJ to open up all online content?  (for a week....)


From Rafat Ali’s amazingly informative daily newsletter


These two notes below link to the same story by Mark Glaser, very worth reading if you are interested in the topic of online content business models


But the question remains…what exactly is a viable business model for online content?  Clearly the walled-subscription and premium content business models are not working.

My notes on this subject are here: To Open Up Site For One Week: That's the news bit coming out of the OJR story (also linked below): will also open up the entire site for five days starting November 8. This comes after the site started opening up one story a day through RSS and Google News, for bloggers to link to... editor Bill Grueskin: "Between Google News and everything else, we had to decide how to open them up, and it's something I don't have the answer to yet."
[Oct.20, 04] | WSJ |

Open Season For News Sites: Mark Glaser round up some of the recent developments in online media industry: sites such as the BBC and are linking more outside their domains, and and are opening up more complimentary content in a nod to the "news conversation" online. Call it the blog effect, really...
Richard Deverell, head of BBC News Interactive: "I think Google News has been a shot across the bow of all news originators, making us say 'hold on, there's a different way of doing this.' It's very easy to flip between different sources of news. We either try to reverse that trend, which is likely futile, or we facilitate it, and I'm keen that we take the latter route."
[Oct.20, 04] | Newspapers |



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